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Our network of premium air freight carriers and airlines means you get best-in-class service to get your freight delivered and to keep your customers happy. Simple, easy and transparent.

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Sydney, NSW

Highly Impressed

We've used them now a number of times to get urgent delivery of coffee beans from South Coast.  Managed to get us out of a jam on more than one occasion!  The girls in customer service are always helpful and if we trust them our beans we would trust them with anything!

Sydney, NSW


Was sending a package from overseas back home. They managed the whole process for me and kept me updated on the progress. All packages were delivered in good order. Great communication!

Bribie Medical Hire
Bongaree, QLD

Quality Service

Hannah from Customer Service was extremely helpful and prompt with her service today.  Very much appreciated. Thank you Hannah.

Sydney, NSW

Great Customer Service

Nikki and Andrea at Couriers & Freight were so helpful. Went over and above to help me and get credit from TNT

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Enterprise Shipping to Lower your Supply Chain Costs

Our team works with you to build and manage a cost-effective supply chain without compromising on service. We reduce inefficiencies, eliminate unnecessary charges and find the right mix of services to get your freight where it needs to be at the best price, all connected via our smart digital freight management platform.

International Shipping starting from:

Parcel Size New Zealand Asia Pacific North America Europe Rest of the World
Up to 1kg ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
Up to 3kg ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
Up to 5kg ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
Over 5kg ?? ?? ?? ?? ??

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  • International door to door courier up to 45kgs
  • TNT Door to Door Economy Express up to 500kgs
  • Air Freight over 500kgs
  • Sea Freight LCL and FCL

Couriers & Freight Helps You Reduce Overall Freight Spend By As Much As 65%

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Answers To Commonly Asked Questions

How much does it cost for an International Air Freight service?

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1. Where the goods are collected from or delivered to impacts the price of shipment.  The general rule is the further they must travel the more the shipment will cost.

2. Weights dimensions and the quantity of freight you are shipping. Things like:

    a. Am I shipping a satchel, Carton, Pallet Skid,  

    b. Is my shipment fragile, irregular shape?

    c. What is the Length, Width, Height of my Freight?

    d. What is the dead weight of my freight?

    e.  The larger the item the more the service will cost.

    f. Is my freight over 20kgs dead weight?

    g. Will my shipment fit on a plan or does it need to be driven.

3. Additional Services to get your goods collected or delivered. Such as:

    a. Tail Lift at pick up or delivery.

    b. Hand Load or Unload

    c. Two Man Team Delivery

    d. Heavy Weight residential delivery or Pick up

    e. Contains Dangerous Goods

    f. Contains lithium Batteries.

    g. Do you need a time slot for pick up or delivery?

    h. Does it need to be delivered by a certain time?

How long does it take for my freight to be picked up and delivered?

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  • Transit times vary from Country to Country and are calculated from the day that arrive in the depot for exporting.
  • On average nearby courtiers like New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore are 2 to 4 days depending on flights. As you move further out the transit time increase.
  • Keep in mind that when your non documented shipments arrive in Australia or in the country for delivery, they are subject to customs can increase the transit times.

What about Duties and Taxes?

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  • All freight going from one country to another are subject to customs. Each country has their own set of rules, duties and taxes.
  • The price quoted is for the freight costs only. If your shipment is subject to Duties and taxes, then the receiver will be responsible for this as the goods are shipped under intercom terms of DDU or delivery duty unpaid.  
  • If you would like to pay for the duties taxes and clearance, then you can ship the goods as DDP Delivery duties paid. Again, keep in mind that fees and charges apply for this service.

What happens if the receiver refuses to pay for the duties and Taxes?

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If your shipment is subject to Duties and Taxes and the receiver is unable or unwilling to pay for this then you have a couple of options:

  • You can organise to pay these.
  • You can have the goods returned at your expense.
  • You can abandon the freight and it will be destroyed.

What do I do if I don’t have a Local Number or email?

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  • It is very important you have a local receiver name, email and email for international shipping for a few reasons.
  • When your goods arrive in that country if duties and taxes are liable the carrier will send an email requesting payment for this. If they do not get a response, they may call. But not always. If it is not paid then it will be shipped back or destroyed.
  • If the carrier needs to check an address or get some instructions the need a local number to reach out to. If not again your shipment may not get delivered.

Are the certain countries you don’t not ship to?

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Yes and here are a list of countries you cannot ship to with FedEx or TNT.

  • Central African Republic - CF
  • Comoros
  • Cuba
  • Equatorial Guinea - GQ
  • Falklands
  • Guinea Bissau - GW
  • Iran - IR
  • Johnston Island
  • Kiribati
  • Korea, North (North Korea)
  • Mayotte Island
  • Myanmar - MM
  • Nauru
  • Niue
  • Saint Pierre Et Miquelon
  • Sao Tome & Principe
  • Sierra Leone - SL
  • Solomon Islands
  • Somalia - SO
  • St. Helena (S. Atlantic)
  • Sudan - SD
  • Syria - SY
  • Tajikistan
  • Tokelau Islands
  • Turkmenistan, Republic Of -
  • TM
  • Tuvalu
  • Wake Islands

Can I ship Lithium Batteries Internationally?

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  • Lithium Batteries are classified as a Dangerous goods. However, some can be shipped via air without be classified as a Dangerous good.
  • The basic rule is if the goods are part of the equipment, then yes it can be shipped. If they are loose then they need to travel via Dangerous goods shipment.

Can I ship food or alcohol internationally?

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  • Via Airfreight you can ship food, alcohol etc.

Can I ship perfumes and deodorant, aftershave internationally?

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  • Perfumes and deodorant, aftershave, are all classified as Dangerous goods. You can ship them, but it will be shipped as a dangerous goods shipment. Fees and charges apply.

How should I pack my Freight?

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  • Packing your freight correctly for Transport is important to ensure your goods get to where they need to be without be lost or damaged.
  • Your shipments is going to be consolidated in to Airline Consoles or pallets along with loads of other freight. This means you need to provide strong supportive protective packaging to stop your goods being, bent, squashed, broken etc whilst in transit.
  • For a full packaging guide please click here.

How do I calculate the chargeable weight of an international Courier?

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  • International couriers and Economy Express couriers charge either by Dead Weight or cubic whichever is the greater.
  • The cubic conversion is 167. That means 1 CBM equals 167KGS.
  • You can work out the cubic weight using the following:
  • L (M) x H (M) x W (M) Multiplied by 167
  • Keep in mind that your freight will be check cubed and measured to calculate the correct shipping weight. If there is a difference you will be charged for this difference.
  • Keep in mind that all measurements are round up. This means that dimensions are rounded up to the nearest CM and weight is rounded up to the nearest gram.

Can I ship secondhand goods?

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  • Some countries do not allow secondhand goods. Countries such as India. If you are sending secondhand items please call 1300 10 11 10 and we can discuss what you can send or recommend a different mode of shipping to send you freight.

What should I watch out for?

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  • Be Accurate on your weights and dimensions. Do not underestimate your weights and dimensions. Firstly, it can be dangerous under-estimating your weights and dimensions.
  • Under Chain or responsibility as the shipper you are the first link in the chain. If you miss declare your goods and someone is injured or killed ultimately you could be prosecuted.

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