Huge Savings on Pallet Freight

At Couriers and Freight, we specialise in pallet freight. Whether you’re sending a pallet or part pallet across Australia or around the world, we can help.

Full pallet

up to 1000 kg - $45

Half Pallet

up to 500 kg - from $25

Space Rates

2 pallets in one space

Cents Per Kilo

For sending oversized items

How can Couriers and Freight save you money?

Whether you’re sending half pallets around Australia, or hundreds of shipping containers around the world. We can find you better deals.

We’ve negotiated the best deals with the biggest names in global freight. From international carriers like to TNT and FedEx, to national carriers Northline – you won’t get a better deal by going direct.

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Why use our pallet freight experts?

Finding the best pallet freight provider can be complex. That's where we come in.
The team at Couriers and Freight are experts at finding the best carrier for your freight. We even give you software to manage all the process yourself.
Palletised freight can be a cost-effective and safe way to move your shipments Australia-wide. Placing your carton freight, loose items, or items over 35kg onto a pallet allows you to access specialised carrier companies. This is often a significantly cheaper option than a carton carrying company, and removes those sneaky manual handling fees.

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Access lower pallet freight  prices

Access lower prices from multiple pallet carriers. You can even manage all your own carriers in one place.


Manage all your own freight processes

Use our expert team and dedicated software to manage all your pallet freight operations, saving time and money. Giving you more grow your business.

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We keep saving each time we book. We couldn't be happier with our choice to use Couriers and Freight especially with the new software launch.

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Ship with Multiple Carriers and Attractive Rates

Instantly access our discounted negotiated rates, set up your own contract rates or have your freight expert tailor a solution for your business.

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