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Our Vision

Couriers and Freight is a data-driven logistics business that connects all aspects of logistics, freight and insurance management into one easy to use cloud-based software solution. Established in 2009 Couriers and Freight has grown to service 128,000 accounts located in 21 countries. We dedicate ourselves to working closely with our customers from implementation through to ongoing management of our software.

We’ve been able to experience this growth because we work hard to get the best solution for our customers. By combining our technology with on-the-ground consultants we’re able to solve, optimise and manage their supply chains so they’re able to get their product across town to the world.

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21 Countries

128,000 Accounts

Couriers and Freight Software works with business

Couriers and Freight works with a variety of businesses and organisations. Our cloud-based software is able to manage all aspects of supply chain, freight and eCommerce so that our customers can manage product from the first to the last mile. 
The goal of software solutions is to save time spent on administrative tasks, reduce supply chain costs and delays, and improve first time deliveries.

We achieve these by using data to analyse workflows, supply chains and shipping costs to find ways to either automate manual tasks regardless if it’s shipped via road, rail, air or sea freight. Better still customers are able to do it all from one platform. Couriers and Freight can also help with eCommerce allowing for multiple delivery destinations, stock control and returns management that is customisable for both B2B and B2C customers. By offering a powerful tool we’re able to help our customers stand out from the competition as they improve customer satisfaction and reduce shipping costs by offering a transparent and connected system.

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Ship local and global at a competitive rate

Couriers and Freight’s extensive network of freight providers allows us to offer customers a local and global transport solution so they can move their product across town, the country or the world all from one easy to use system. 
Customers can bring their own carriers and rates as well as take advantage of ours.

Our freight management software easily integrates with thousands of carriers around the world so they seamlessly work with our customers’ software. 
The benefit is our customers can economically and efficiently ship products regardless of the volume they move. 

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