Couriers and Freight Accounts Tips

Setting up an account

Setting up an account with Couriers and Freight has never been easier.


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7 Day Account

For accounts spending over $500 per week we offer 7 day account terms without a director guarantee. Sign up today (this will be our 7 day account form

14 Day Accounts

For Accounts spending over $500 per week we offer a 14 day account terms but must have a director guarantee. Sign up today (this will be our 14 day account form

Enterprise accounts

For large customers we offer specific trading terms. Speak to an expert today.

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Duties and Taxes

When shipping international you must understand that duties and taxes may be liable for your shipment. As the shipper you are responsible for all duties and taxes. Shipping via couriers internationally all shipments are shipped as DDU unless otherwise specified.

If duties and taxes are liable the receiver will be responsible for this. For air and sea freight where duties and taxes are liable these must be paid prior to clearance. No shipment will be delivered unless these are paid.

A man calculating taxes with a pen and paper

ETF Payments

When paying an account of invoice via EFT make sure you send the remittance advise to the accounts team. This allows them to apply this payment to your account. Without this we may receive the money, but they will not be able to apply it to your account.

Payment Methods

We have a range of easy and quick payment options available

  • Prepay
  • EFT
  • Credit card: Amex, Matercard, VISA

Secure Payment

Couriers and Freight use BrainTree for all credit card processing. We do not store any credit cards. The cards are stored with BrainTree for future use but may be removed at any time.

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Raising a Credit

Sometimes you may feel the amount charged may not be accurate. Even carriers sometimes get things wrong, and we are happy to dispute this on your behalf.  Here is what you need to know when raising a credit.

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