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End-to-end visibility to help you make smarter freight decision, save time, and keep your customers happy

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Multi Carrier Shipping Software

Couriers and Freight is an all-around- shipping and freight management platform that connects to 100+ carriers and shopping systems.

  • Use our rates our bring your own
  • 100 + carriers and growing
  • Simple carrier set up and management
  • Rate management and quoting
  • Freight routing and automation rules
  • Bulk actions, quote, book and track
  • Real time tracking and live support
  • Event management
  • Supplier invoice reconciliation
  • Reporting and document management

E-commerce Shipping Software

Import orders from all your shops into a single panel. Easily switch between carriers and find the best shipping option for every parcel.

  • Connect to your online stores
  • Automate to save time
  • Branded tracking
  • Proactive communication
  • Take control of your returns!

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Freight Forwarding

Automate and optimize your forwarding operations, from capacity planning and rate management to vessel booking and last-mile trucking in one powerful software.

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Rate Management, Quoting

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Book and Track

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Document Management

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Real Time Collaboration

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Dedicated to your Business

We’re an extension of your business. With the Couriers and Freight team working side by side you gain a dedicated, driven, accountable partner committed to working with you.

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