Ship Big and Bulky Goods in Australia

Get your large and heavy items shipped within Australia and beyond.

Need to ship big and bulky items?

Our platform connects you with local delivery professionals ready to assist you on demand. Say goodbye to the headaches and frustrations of moving bulky shipments on your own.

Let us handle the heavy lifting for you.

Experience the power of Couriers & Freight’s innovative platform with our delivery API designed for high-volume shippers.

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Big and Bulky Items Such As:

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  • Any parcel weighing over 23kg
  • Furniture items
  • Bulky gym equipment
  • Large pieces of timber, building materials
  • Machine and automotive parts - wheels, engines, gearboxes

How to Ship Big and Bulky Items:


Get a quote

Declare the correct weight, dimensions and the contents of your package. Set a pickup and drop off time and location. 

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Pack large and heavy items properly

Our delivery experts will load, transport, and unload your items. Just make sure that the item is securely packed with appropriate labels to avoid extra charges.

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Track your Shipment

Gain real-time visibility and track the progress of your delivery.

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Your Big and Bulky Delivery Partner

Couriers & Freight specializes in the pick-up and interstate delivery of large, heavy, and bulky items.

Our strategically located network offers flexible capacity for your business growth in new markets without the added cost of maintaining a fleet.

Why Choose Couriers & Freight

Couriers and Freight's Technology Aims to Reduce Overall Freight Spend by as Much as 65%

Savings on freight, waiting time and charges


Less time on manual data entry


Reduced Invoice Errors


Reduced wait times with customer service


Frequently Asked Questions

What’s considered a heavy item?

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Parcels weighing more than 23 kg are considered heavy shipments. But it’s not always necessary to place them on a pallet. In general, shipments under 70kg can be transported without a pallet although the specific requirement may vary by region. Learn more about oversized shipping from our blog.  

What’s considered a large item?

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Large goods do not have an official classification, but items that require to be placed on a pallet are placed in this category.

What’s considered oversized?

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If a single item weighs more than 500kg or is too large to be placed on a pallet, a custom solution designed by our team will be necessary, e.g. tail-lifted goods and industrial equipment.

What are the factors that could lead to extra costs?

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There are several factors that can lead to extra costs, i.e. insufficient packaging, wrong labeling, incorrect dimensions, and demurrage.

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