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Using our freight comparison service, you’re guaranteed to get the lowest price.

The best carrier costs

Freight doesn’t need to be complex and overpriced. With Couriers and Freight, you can find the carriers able to meet your requirements and compare their quotes against one another. Using our freight comparison service, you’re guaranteed to get the lowest price. We help all our customers access lower freight costs from existing carriers – including TNT, Allied and many other major movers in the market.With more than 60 carriers in our network, Couriers and Freight offer you more low-priced quotes than any other comparison site.

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The Freight we compare

Our freight comparison service lets you weigh up the costs of many different types of freight, so you can depend on us no matter what you’re transporting.

Palletised Freight

The best deals from trusted pallet carrying companies

Boxes and Cartons

Move boxes and cartons from A to B for the cheapest possible price – including full truckloads

Road Freight

Send your goods down the highway with complete peace of mind

Interstate freight

Find a trusted carrier to transport your items far and wide at affordable rates

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I choose a carrier?

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We’ll organise it all for you. If you have any enquiries along the way, just contact Couriers and Freight.

How do I know where my goods are?

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Everything is tracked in our system and you can view the whereabouts of your delivery at any time.

What about my data?

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We protect your data with special freight management software – safeguarding your details in the most effective way.

What if I’m sending a complex order through customs?

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Just call our customs team on 1300 10 11 10 and they’ll be able to answer all your questions

How much will I save using Couriers and Freight?

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On average, our customers save a huge 30% on freight after using our comparison tool.

Which carriers do you work with?

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We partner with many of the major, trusted national carriers – with more than 60 options to choose from in many instances.

What do I do if I don’t know the size and weight of my package?

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We ask that all customers provide accurate package dimensions data. This will ensure all transportation is completed in line with rules and regulations, and will prevent you from incurring unnecessary added charges.

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