Australia-wide Rail Freight

Our experience operating and managing railroad networks across the world enables us to offer our customers comprehensive rail freight solutions.

Our experience operating and managing railroad networks across the world enables us to offer our customers comprehensive rail freight solutions.For the timely, cost effective delivery of freight overland, a strong rail network provides an efficient transport solution. Our rail fleet provides safe, reliable and environmentally sound transport as part of the multimodal freight services we offer throughout our global network. We have rail offerings that connect our customers to major economic regions worldwide to better support their supply chains.

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How Rail Freight can Help your Business?

Couriers and Freight works with rail freight operators across Australia so we can help you deliver goods across the network. Traditionally, heavier and large volumes were the primary rail shipment but today greater efficiencies in the network have opened up opportunities to deliver FMCG, bulk goods, white goods, commodities and import/export freight. In order to facilitate Australia wide deliveries, Couriers and Freight works with all major rail freight providers including cross inter-state rail. This means we’re able to move products between all metro cities with minimal costs and administration saving our customers time and money.

Integrating rail freight into your business

Couriers and Freight provides customers with cloud-based software that allows them to easily integrate multiple freight options into their business operation. Our system works hand in hand with accounting, administration, CRM and sales channels so that searching for rail freight rates and bookings can work easily across platforms. This provides a powerful tool that searches for the most efficient method of rail freight that works with the particular requirements of a customer. We offer our customers impartial freight advice instead relying on data to come up with a solution that best suits their business. Our rail freight management systems perfectly integrate with existing rail freight providers and customers to help them connect to access competitive rates, book and live track shipments. Couriers and Freight software allows you to live track your deliveries so you stay informed and can provide this information back to your customers to help give your business a competitive edge.

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Why Couriers and Freight stands out

Couriers and Freight works closely with our customers to create a data-driven solution that helps them compete by accessing competitive rail freight rates and technology that takes the guesswork and administration out of rail freight shipment management. We work to create a solution that connects all systems into one digital hub so it is an easy one-stop-shop interface. The system also feeds data back to our customers so that when they search for a rail freight quote results factor in cost as well as speed and reliability. Our systems operate in 21 countries, across 128,000+ accounts serviced by a team of over 960 experts so we can bring a wealth of experience and real world experience to help your business grow.

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