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Efficient and cost-effective supply chain management has never been more important as eCommerce takes off. As more and more retailers and suppliers sell goods consumers want there is more pressure to create the most efficient and cost-effective supply chain possible. Couriers and Freight works with thousands of businesses by providing cloud-based supply chain management software that uses data to analyse their existing supply chains and find a more efficient way to ship goods to their customers regardless if they’re local, interstate or overseas.

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Why Supply Chain Management Matters

In the past the main focus of supply chain management has been to make it more and more efficient and cost effective, and while this is still important today, customers also expect a positive experience and quick turnaround. Customer loyalty can be increasingly fragile as more suppliers and retailers compete driving down prices and offering them free or quick delivery at a small premium. This keeps the pressure on to make your supply chain not only efficient and cost effective but also simple and reliable for the customer.  Couriers and Freight is aware of these challenge which is why we’ve created software that easily integrates into existing systems to pull data, look for opportunities and make for a more efficient and simpler supply chain.

Couriers and Freight Supply Chain Management Offering

Couriers and Freight has an Australian designed system to suit local and international retailers, suppliers and B2B businesses. Our experts work closely with customers to ensure the software we provide works in with the unique needs of their business and delivers on low-cost and efficient supply chains. The strength of our software is its use of data to identify opportunities to quickly and easily compare prices and freight routes so the operator can select the one that most suits their budget and requirements.  

Couriers and Freight’s cutting edge technology improves transparency and visibility throughout your network, as well as to further enable connectivity. Plus our intelligent software can also use data to help you better understand your customers’ demands and wants.  Couriers and Freight works with international and domestic freight providers such TNT, FedEx, Toll, UPS, Aramex, Couriers Please, Australia Post, Hunter Express, Northline and Startrack to offer competitive rates and a comprehensive network so you can be confident we can ship whatever and where ever you need it to go. Our philosophy is if your current network isn’t working for you we’ll build one that does.

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