How Long Does an Express Courier Take?

Oct 31, 2022

Selecting the right courier service is essential when you need your goods shipped quickly. If you’re on a time-definite schedule, this is all the more important. Choosing the wrong freight service can result in lengthy delivery delays and frustrations for both sender and receiver. 

To avoid such a logistical headache, it’s important to deduce which courier service is right for you and your goods. Spoiler alert: if you need items moved quickly, an express courier service is the way to go. 

But how long does an express courier take? Is it really worth incurring those extra costs? We unpack everything you need to know about express couriers below. 

What is Courier Express?

A courier express is the fastest courier service available. 

Express couriers dispatch your goods in a shorter period of time than standard couriers. Generally, you can expect to see your goods delivered anywhere between one and three days with an express courier service, compared to four to six business days with a standard service. 

So, what’s the catch? 

Express couriers tend to incur higher costs than standard courier services, as extra measures are taken to ensure your goods are delivered quickly. 

For example, your parcel may travel by air where it otherwise would have travelled by road or sea with a standard courier service. 

How Long Does Express Courier Take?

In many cases, an express courier can deliver your goods as soon as later that very same day. 

However, how soon your freight is delivered will depend on where it’s being picked up from, where it’s being delivered to, and which courier service you select. 

As a general rule of thumb, freight that is sent and delivered within the same state will take one to two business days for metro areas. Regional same-state deliveries can take up to five business days. 

Goods heading into state usually take around one to three business days, however, this can vary depending on where you’re shipping from. If you’re hipping between distant states, you can expect lengthier delivery times. For example, shipping from Victoria to Western Australia or from the Northern Territory to Tasmania can take up to five business days. 

International routes that require customs clearance will have longer waiting times (approximately up to five days), whereas routes within free trade zones will carry shorter delivery times and may arrive within 24 hours. 

Where Can I Find an Express Courier in Australia? 

To ensure you’re selecting the correct courier for your express-shipping needs, look to providers with a range of express courier services. 

Not all express services are made equal; some express courier services promise same-day delivery, some can offer time-definite deliveries, and others will provide next-flight services for interstate and international shipments. 

At Couriers & Freight, we offer a range of express services via road and air, depending on where your goods are headed. 

Below, we share which of our express courier services is appropriate based on your delivery needs. 

Same-Day Parcel Delivery: Our Express Taxi Trucks Service 

If you require same-day parcel delivery, we recommend our Express Taxi Trucks Service. 

This service offers on-demand taxi trucks that are available for exclusive hire to ensure your goods are delivered on the same day you book the vehicle. 

You’ll be able to access a range of vehicles with varying pallet-holding capacities. 

Next-Day Parcel Delivery: Our Overnight Couriers & Shipping Service

When you need your goods delivered the next day, our Express Overnight Couriers & Shipping Service is what you’re looking for. 

The express overnight courier road service is typically selected for retail deliveries and collections. 

You can arrange:

  • Overnight Express: for next-day delivery, Australia-wide
  • Overnight by 9am: deliveries will arrive at 9am next day 
  • Overnight by 10am: deliveries will arrive at 10am next day 
  • Overnight by 12pm: deliveries will arrive at 12pm next day 

Urgent Delivery Metro Areas: Our Metro Express Courier Services

The Metro Express Courier Service is used for same-day deliveries across metro areas. 

You can choose the Express Service, which caters to freight that needs to be delivered within three to four hours across metro areas, or the Immediate Service, for urgent freight that needs to be delivered in one to four hours

Urgent Express Courier Interstate: Our Same Day/Next-Flight Courier Service

We recommend the Couriers & Freight Same Day/Next Flight Courier if you have cargo that needs to be sent to another major Australian city as soon as possible. 

This service helps you find the right next flight when you need to move quickly under a deadline. You’ll gain access to our network of Australian and International airlines, courier providers, and wholesalers.

You can use our next-flight courier service to ship both small and large bulk items.

Urgent Express Courier International: Our International Express Courier Service

Looking to send your freight overseas quickly? Our International Express Courier Service will do just that. 

It allows you to deliver door to door to over 220 countries with significantly reduced delivery times. Depending on your needs, you can opt for any of the below couriers:

  • International Express Courier: for all urgent international courier needs
  • International Economy Express Courier: the import and export service for less urgent or heavy international shipments
  • International Priority Express Courier: for urgent freight that requires an expedited priority service
  • International Time Definite Courier: for goods that need to be delivered by 9am, 10am, or 12pm on the day they are cleared from customs

How to Track Express Courier 

Once your goods have been shipped, you’ll want to keep track of their journey right up until delivery. 

If you’ve utilised one of the above Couriers & Freight courier services, you can track your shipment using our navigation tool. Simply type in your shipment number and delivery postcode to receive an estimated time of delivery. 

Find the Right Express Courier for Your Shipping Needs

If you need your goods moved quickly, an express courier is definitely worth the extra investment. 

You can expect your goods to be delivered in one to three days, as opposed to the four to six-day period you’ll experience with a standard courier service. 

There is a range of different express courier services to choose from at Couriers & Freight. We offer varying services to ensure your cargo is delivered as efficiently and as safely as possible. 

Wondering which one to pick (and how much you’ll be putting towards your shipment)? You can get an express courier quote online and we’ll let you know which courier service is right for you. 

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