8 in 10 Australian Households Shopped Online in 2023, Study Reveals

May 3, 2024

A new eCommerce industry report from Australia Post reveals a significant shift in Australian shopping habits, with online purchases becoming increasingly frequent across the nation. In 2023, about 1 in 7 Australian households made weekly online purchases. This data is a clear indicator of the growing reliance on eCommerce in the everyday life of Aussies.

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Australian Households’ Online Shopping Trends

Recent data reveals an increase in online shopping among Australian households. In 2023, 80% of households, or approximately 9.5 million homes, shopped online, marking a year-over-year increase of 1.4%. Notably, the frequency of purchases has also grown: households making 26-51 online purchases per year have increased by 2%, while those making over 52 purchases annually have risen by 1%. This increase indicates a significant shift towards more frequent online shopping.

Regional Areas Leading the Growth

The trend of online shopping has shown a remarkable geographical disparity in Australia. Australia Post’s latest eCommerce industry report found that regional areas experienced faster growth than their metropolitan counterparts. Since 2019, rural regions have recorded an 18% increase in households engaged in online shopping, surpassing the 16% increase in metro areas. This reflects the expanding reach of eCommerce into more remote parts of the country.

Source: Australia Post eCommerce Industry Report 2024

In 2023 alone, an average of 5.6 million Australian households made at least one online purchase each month. This just proves that Aussies are shopping online more often compared to previous years. Western Australia led the charge in 2023 with the highest year-over-year (YoY) growth in online purchases at 5.1%.

eCommerce is becoming a mainstream shopping method across diverse locations and demographics.

Paul Graham, Group Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Australia Post, commented on the findings, "The sustained growth in online shopping, especially in regional Australia, underscores the importance of reliable, efficient delivery services.

Australia Post is proud to facilitate this shift, ensuring that all Australians, regardless of their location, can access goods and services with ease."

Making Sense of Trends and Highlights

The shift towards online shopping in Australia represents a significant change in consumer behaviour. As digital shopping becomes integral to Aussies, we can’t neglect the importance of services like Australia Post and other courier services.

This evolution in shopping habits is reshaping Australia’s retail industry and presents new challenges and plenty of opportunities for businesses and consumers.

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