Understanding the Logistics of Shipping from Vietnam to Australia

Sep 11, 2023

Shipping from Vietnam to Australia is an integral part of the trade relationship between the two nations. By the end of 2022, trading between Vietnam and Australia has surged to a historic peak of 15.7 billion, up 26.91% from the previous year.

Vietnam is a key supplier of various goods to Australia, including textiles, electronics, and agricultural products. And the shipping industry plays a vital role in facilitating this trade. When shipping goods, it is essential to consider several factors such as available transportation methods, customs clearance procedures, packaging requirements, and selecting a reliable freight forwarder

Having a solid understanding of the logistics of shipping from Vietnam to Australia is crucial for a cost-effective and successful trade between the two countries. 

Ocean Freight Shipping from Vietnam to Australia

Ocean freight is the primary choice for importing goods as it is an economical option. This is the most preferred method by many Australian businesses due to its affordability. However, one downside of using ocean freight is that it has longer delivery times and may pose safety concerns compared to air freight. When shipping goods from Vietnam to Australia, the estimated time for ocean freight is approximately 22 days

Shipping Cost from Vietnam to Australia [Updated Rates for September 2023]

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updated shipping rates for vietnam to australia

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Major Cargo Ports in Vietnam:

  • Ho Chi Minh Port
  • Qui Nhon Port
  • Da Nang Port
  • Hai Phong Port

Major Cargo Ports in Australia:

  • Port of Sydney
  • Port of Brisbane
  • Port of Fremantle
  • Port of Melbourne
  • Port of Adelaide

Ocean Freight shipping is the best option for you if:

  • Your goods are not larger than 2CBM
  • You are not in a hurry to receive your cargo

Air Freight Shipping from Vietnam to Australia

If you are looking for another shipping option, air freight is another option you can consider. If the shipment is time-sensitive and requires urgent delivery, air freight is usually preferred over ocean freight because it can take only a few days to reach Australia. Additionally, air freight provides a controlled environment to ensure that goods remain in optimal condition while in transit.

However, one significant drawback of air freight is that it can be quite expensive. Thus, this option is ideal for those who require fast delivery and are willing to pay extra for the convenience and speed of air transport.

Air Freight shipping is the best option for you if:

  • Your goods are less than 2CBM
  • You are in a hurry to receive your items

Customs Clearance In Australia For Goods Imported From Vietnam

Australia has a complex customs clearance system, which can result in challenging situations with airlines or authorities. That’s why it’s essential to work with an experienced freight forwarder like Couriers & Freight. Don’t hesitate to contact us if your transaction value exceeds $1,000.

Before your goods can be cleared through customs, you’ll need to provide the necessary permits after payment. Also, the value of your goods and the type of agreement (B2B/B2C) may greatly affect the process.

customs clearance service page by couriers & freight

For most transactions in B2C with under $1,000 transaction value, Australia Post will deliver the parcel direct to the consumer, and you can also import duty-free goods (excluding tobacco and alcohol). However, some goods may require a permit or be subject to restrictions.

The process is different for goods shipped by air/sea freight. They must be declared for customs clearance through the Self-Assessment Clearance (SAC) electronically via the Integrated Cargo System (ICS). If the value of your goods exceeds $,1000, an import declaration must be filed on the ICS.

As an importer, it’s crucial to understand Australian Customs legislation, permits, prohibited goods, product labeling, and duty information. Couriers & Freight can help guide you through this process and ensure that your shipments comply with all regulations.

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Shipping from Vietnam to Australia can be a complex process, but with the right freight forwarder and knowledge of the logistics involved, it can be a smooth and cost-effective experience. Couriers & Freight is here to help you navigate this complicated shipping process and provide the necessary support and expertise to ensure the successful delivery of your goods. Don’t hesitate to ask the right questions and get all the necessary information before choosing a freight forwarder. 

With the growing trade relationship between Vietnam and Australia, it’s a great time to start shipping and take advantage of these opportunities for a successful and profitable trade. Contact Couriers & Freight today and get started on your shipping journey.

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