Tips on Sending Goods

May 17, 2018

When sending your shipments, have them correctly placed. Follow the tips below when adding labels to your package and avoid having delays in transit and damage to your package.

Things to do

The label or consignment you add to your package must include both the senders and recipients addresses. Post codes and contact details such as contact person’s name and telephone numbers must be there. The label where the address is listed should be visible prominently on the package. You should add your international consignment note inside a see-through pocket that is attached on the top of the package. This package should be attached on the cargo that allows the bar codes to be scanned. It is advisable to add the consignment note number and the recipient’s addresses on each of the pieces in your cargo in case the outer packaging is damaged. When sending several items using one consignment note make sure to number each of the items.

Avoid the following

Remove all old labels that are already on the package. There have been many instances where the scanners have scanned the older labels and sent packages to the older addresses. This has caused shipments being delivered late and at times being damaged. The label needs to be on a flat surface of your package. The label needs to be pasted smoothly and in a manner where it won’t tear off plus where the label can be clearly visible. Add appropriate stickers such as “Dangerous Goods”, “Handle with Care”. Our staff has come across many packages without suitable labeling and thus delays in approving the package for shipment.

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