Top 7 Big & Bulky Delivery Services in Australia

Mar 1, 2024

If you plan on transporting furniture, appliances, or oversized goods, the right courier can make all the difference. Especially in Australia with its wide distances, finding the right partner for your big and bulky items is a necessity. 

From coast to coast, these seven companies stand out for their robust delivery networks, exceptional customer service, and their commitment to getting your bulky parcels where they need to go. Let’s simplify the process of finding the perfect service for your oversized items.

3 Most Common Problems with Shipping Oversized Goods

Shippers dealing with oversized goods commonly face several delivery challenges that complicate the transportation process. The most prominent issues include:

Limited Carrier Options: Many standard shipping services have strict size and weight limits. This leaves shippers with fewer options for carriers that can handle oversized items. This limitation can result in a time-consuming search for specialised services.

Higher Costs: The transportation of oversized goods often incurs higher costs due to the need for specialised handling, equipment, and transportation modes. These increased expenses can significantly impact the overall cost-effectiveness of shipping large items.

Increased Risk of Damage: The sheer size and weight of oversized goods make them more susceptible to damage during transit. Ensuring these items are properly packed, handled, and secured requires industry expertise.

Australia’s Top Big & Bulky Delivery Companies

As discussed above, it is clear that when it comes to shipping oversized parcels, seeking a courier service is the main challenge. Your ideal courier partner should be able to accommodate the big and bulky items, ensure safe and timely delivery, and most importantly, do all this at a competitive price. In this section, we will explore the top big and bulky delivery companies, each distinguished by their capabilities to deliver oversized packages.

1. Couriers & Freight Australia

Established in 2007, Couriers & Freight Australia is recognized for its ability to handle big and bulky deliveries across the country. C&F offers a comprehensive solution for transporting oversized items and caters to both individual and business needs. 

Why Choose Couriers & Freight Australia?

Cost-Effective: With its extensive network of partner couriers, C&F prides itself in providing fair and accurate price estimates upfront. 

couriers and freight australia customer review

Nationwide Service: Whether it's furniture, bulky gym equipment, large timber or building materials, or even machine and automotive parts like wheels, engines, and gearboxes, Couriers & Freight Australia has the infrastructure and expertise to deliver. Their service is designed to handle any parcel weighing over 23kg.

User-Friendly Technology: The company's platform simplifies the logistics of big and bulky deliveries. From getting a quote to setting pick-up and drop-off times, everything is streamlined for user convenience. Their delivery API is particularly beneficial for high-volume shippers and offers real-time visibility and tracking of shipments.

Expert Handling: A team of professionals ensures safe and reliable transportation for large and heavy items.

Couriers & Freight’s commitment to cost-efficiency, flexibility, and convenience, backed by a technology-driven approach, makes them your ideal partner for handling big and bulky deliveries across Australia.

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2. DHL Express

DHL Express is a top choice for sending big and heavy stuff from Australia to anywhere in the world. It's especially good for businesses or anyone who needs their large items shipped fast and without a fuss.

Why Choose DHL Express?

Reliable: DHL doesn't just rely on ships; they use planes and trucks too. This means they're less affected by the usual shipping delays and can be more dependable.

Fast Delivery: If you need your big items to arrive on time, DHL's speedy service has got you covered.

Clear Pricing: With DHL, you know all the costs upfront. No surprise charges for things like paperwork or handling.

Expertise in Customs: DHL knows how to handle customs all over the world and makes sure your items get through quickly.

DHL Express makes shipping big items from Australia easy. It offers fast, reliable service and helpful support along the way.

3. Fast Courier

Fast Courier emerges as an impressive consolidator for shipping large and heavy items within Australia. With a user-friendly platform, Fast Courier simplifies the process of finding and comparing courier services for oversized goods. They offer a broad selection of couriers at competitive prices. This service is especially beneficial for those looking to transport large items without the hassle of sifting through multiple carriers individually.

Why Choose Fast Courier?

Easy Comparisons: Compare prices from various couriers for your large shipments all in one place.

Simple Booking: The platform is designed for ease of use with instant quotes and a simplified booking process for large item deliveries.

Whether it's for personal projects or business needs, Fast Courier provides a convenient solution to compare and select the most suitable courier service for large and bulky deliveries in Australia.

4. Interparcel

Interparcel offers a comprehensive service for those looking to ship large and heavy items within Australia and to over 250 international destinations. With 15 years of experience, Interparcel understands the complexities of transporting bulky and weighty products and provides customised strategies for businesses.

Why Choose Interparcel?

Easy Comparison of Courier Options: Their user-friendly quote tool allows you to compare rates from multiple couriers on a single platform. With the quote tool, you can find the best service for your needs without the hassle of visiting each courier's site individually.

Insurance Coverage: When you book with Interparcel, you get a free freight warranty for up to $100 and additional coverage options for higher-value items. Your shipments are protected against loss or damage.

Interparcel makes it straightforward to send big and heavy things. They offer insurance and a way to compare courier prices easily.

5. Parca Logistics

Parca Plus is a courier service that makes shipping big items easy and affordable. It's designed for e-commerce businesses to send large products without hassle.

Why Choose Parca Logistics?

E-commerce Friendly: This service is specifically geared towards businesses shipping oversized e-commerce goods, although it does not accept personal items or household removals.

Domestic Reach: Parca Plus delivers locally within 3-4 business days or to more distant regions with delivery times ranging from 3 to 15 days.

Parca Plus is perfect for e-commerce businesses looking for a reliable and affordable way to ship large items domestically. They provide a practical solution with a combination of extensive reach, capacity for heavy parcels, and efficient delivery times.

6. Just Freight

Just Freight offers specialised services for shipping large, bulky, and heavy items across Australia. This service is perfect for those who need to transport big items but don't require full removalist services

Why Choose Just Freight?

Quick Quote Process: Just Freight’s courier quote form is quick and easy to fill out, with most requests responded to in less than 30 minutes. This makes the process fast and efficient for customers.

Specialization in Large Items: Just Freight is specifically designed to handle large and heavy items and ensures your bulky goods are transported safely and efficiently.

Just Freight is an excellent option for anyone looking to ship bulky items interstate without the need for traditional removalist services. With their focus on large and heavy freight, practical shipping advice, and an efficient quote system, Just Freight streamlines the process of transporting bulky items across Australia.

7. iDlvr

iDlvr specializes in delivering heavy and large items. It offers a straightforward solution for those challenging deliveries that traditional couriers might not handle.

Why Choose iDlvr?

On-Demand Service: iDlvr delivers your large and bulky items when you need them and guarantees timely deliveries without the wait.

Size and Distance Flexibility: No matter the size of the item or how far it needs to go, iDlvr can handle it. They provide a solution for both scheduled and last-minute deliveries.

App-Based Tracking: With the iDlvr app, available for iOS and Android, you can order deliveries and track them in real-time.

Supplier Direct Deliveries: iDlvr can pick up items directly from suppliers and deliver them to your door or site. This streamlines the process for emergency orders or regular supply needs.

iDlvr simplifies the delivery of large and heavy items across Australia with its on-demand service, versatile fleet, and user-friendly app. This service suits a one-time customer needing a bulky item delivered ASAP or a business with flexible delivery options for its customers. 

Choose the Right Courier for Your Oversized Goods

Picking the right courier for your large items is important. Find a service that aligns with your specific needs, whether you prioritize speed, cost, convenience, or safety from parcel damage, there’s a courier that matches your requirements. Look at what each service offers and choose the one that fits your needs the best.

However, if you’re seeking an all-encompassing solution that’s reliable, efficient, with proven expertise, and commitment to customer satisfaction, Couriers & Freight Australia stands out among the options we discussed above. C&F’s competitive pricing, its vast network of partner couriers, and user-friendly technology are capable of delivering to your diverse needs of shipping oversized items.

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Robert has also incorporated technology into his business through custom software to enhance growth and efficiency. Robert is a valuable resource for business owners looking to improve their logistics operations.

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