6 Things To Know Before Booking a Furniture Delivery Service

Apr 12, 2024

In a recent 5-year study conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, they found that 87% of Australians moved within their own state or territory from 2016 to 2021. Capital cities saw a significant net loss of 160,100 people, with Greater Sydney recording the largest drop. In contrast, Greater Brisbane experienced the highest gain from internal migration at +54,400 which represents 2.2% of its total population. 

These trends highlight the demand for efficient and reliable delivery solutions in a changing population landscape. If you’re considering moving interstate or intrastate, this helpful guide outlines 5 pro tips before you relocate your items.

Choose Your Furniture Delivery Service Wisely

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What to Know Before Booking a Delivery Service in Australia

Booking a delivery service in Australia involves more than just choosing a provider and scheduling a date. Here's what you need to know before making your booking:

1. Choose a White Glove Service

When delivering furniture to customer homes, reconsider using standard delivery services like FedEx or UPS Freight. Furniture needs specialised handling, far different from sending a regular parcel. Opt for a specialised white glove service. This includes pre-inspection, repairs, assembly, and placement in the customer’s home. It ensures timely and intact delivery to enhance customer experience and business growth. White glove services prevent delivery mishaps and give you and your customers peace of mind. 

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2. Pack Your Belongings Early

Start packing two to three weeks before moving day. Declutter as you go and create piles to give away and throw away. This ensures you only move what you need for your new home. This will allow you to save time and money by not transporting unnecessary items. Early packing reduces last-minute stress.

3. Communicate with Your Courier

Effective communication with your chosen courier is vital. Notify them of any specific regulations like Body Corporate rules. Schedule your move a few days before your lease ends and consider taking time off to avoid rushing. 

4. Notify Relevant Parties 

Make a list of everyone who needs to know about your move. Inform the following government agencies:

  • Australian Taxation Office - Inform the ATO to ensure all tax-related correspondence and obligations are accurately managed and up to date with your current address.
  • Australia Electoral Commission - Inform the AEC to make sure you're correctly registered to vote and receive all electoral communications for your new local area.
  • Department of Work and Pensions - Notify the DSS about your move so that any benefits or pension payments are correctly addressed and uninterrupted.

Aside from the government agencies listed above, inform your internet and utilities providers, and personal contacts. Advance notice helps ensure smooth updates and transitions.

5. Arrange Parking for Your Courier

Secure parking for the movers and inform your neighbours to ensure clear access. Proper planning facilitates efficient loading and unloading and allows you to adhere to safety regulations.

6. Consider Tipping Your Movers

A tip can greatly appreciate the movers' hard work and punctuality. Tip $5 to $20 per worker, depending on the service difficulty and quality. Always offer refreshments like water or snacks, especially for tough jobs or outstanding service. A standard tip is at least $10 for challenging deliveries or exceptional efforts.

Extra Pro Tip: Get Additional Services

When selecting your delivery options, remember that additional services such as rubbish removal and furniture assembly are not typically included. If you need these services, make sure to request them with your courier beforehand. Delivery contractors operate on tight schedules and last-minute additions can be challenging to accommodate.

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Choose Your Furniture Delivery Service Wisely

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