Top 9 Last Mile Delivery Companies in Australia

Mar 22, 2024

The last mile delivery segment in Australia has experienced remarkable growth in recent years led by giants in the grocery sector like Coles and Woolworths.

Coles notably reported a 48% increase in e-commerce sales in their 2021 half-yearly results, crossing over USD 1 billion in sales revenue. Woolworths wasn't far behind, with an impressive USD 1.8 billion in e-commerce sales, marking a 91.8% growth rate over the first half of 2020.

This trend highlights the pressing need for more efficient last-mile delivery companies in Australia to meet demand.

What is Last Mile Delivery?

The term 'last mile delivery' refers to the final step in the delivery process — the point at which a parcel is transferred from a transportation hub to its ultimate destination, usually the customer's doorstep. As consumers increasingly prefer online channels for their shopping needs, understanding what is last mile delivery becomes important for businesses to succeed in the e-commerce domain.

3 Things to Look For When Choosing a Last Mile Delivery Company

Let’s take a closer look at what makes a last mile delivery company stand out. What should businesses look for to make sure they choose the right delivery partner? Here are three key features to watch out for when choosing a last mile delivery company:

Real-Time Tracking

This feature allows your customers to monitor the progress of their orders in real-time. This fosters a transparent and trustworthy relationship between your business and your customers. In one survey, 47% of customers claimed that they are unlikely to order again from a brand that fails to provide delivery updates. Thus, choosing a delivery partner with a real-time tracking feature would benefit your business overall. 

Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD)

Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD) systems streamline the confirmation process by providing digital verification of the delivery. This technology optimises the delivery workflow and significantly reduces disputes over whether an item was delivered. For e-commerce platforms, integrating ePOD means enhancing operational efficiency, minimizing paperwork, and providing a seamless post-purchase experience for your customers. 

It’s an essential feature that adds a layer of security and professionalism to your delivery service.

Responsive Customer Service

A partner with a responsive customer service team ensures that any issues in the delivery process can be addressed swiftly. Being proactive in this area prevents negative customer experiences. For e-commerce companies, this means fewer customer complaints and a stronger reputation for reliability. A last mile delivery partner that prioritises excellent customer service will be beneficial for your brand’s reputation. 

Australia’s Top 9 Last Mile Delivery Companies

Choosing a reliable last mile delivery partner can be challenging which is why we’ve curated a list of Australia’s best companies that offer last mile delivery. As we’ve discussed above, look for a company that checks all the boxes.

1. Consumer+ by Couriers & Freight

Consumer+ is a last mile delivery service designed to meet the unique challenges of residential deliveries, particularly for items weighing over 30KGS. Since 2007, Couriers & Freight Australia has been providing reliable logistics solutions to both small businesses and large enterprises in the country. Recently, it has developed Consumer+ to offer a last mile delivery service with dedicated consumer delivery drivers and ensures an efficient and hassle-free freight delivery.

Consumer+ Last Mile Delivery Features:

Dedicated Consumer Delivery Drivers: Unlike traditional transport companies, Consumer+ employs dedicated drivers trained for residential deliveries to guarantee care and efficiency.

Cost-Effective Delivery Solution: Services are designed to be cost-efficient without compromising on quality and provide value to businesses and their customers.

End-to-End Visibility: Offers an advanced tracking system for real-time updates at every stage of the delivery, from pickup to doorstep delivery.

Route Optimisation: Couriers & Freight has developed its sophisticated platform for route optimisation to enhance delivery speed and reduce operational costs.

Easy Integration: The system is designed for easy integration with existing business operations such as Shopify, eBay, Magento, etc, and simplifies the adoption process. 

Expanding Coverage: Initially available in select areas including Sydney, Wollongong, and Central Coast, with plans for expansion to Melbourne, Geelong, and Ballarat.

Customer Service: Get in touch with Australian-based customer representatives of Consumer+

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2. Australia Post

Australia Post, with its vast network and experience as the nation's most extensive postal service, offers a comprehensive range of local pickup and delivery services for businesses. These services are designed to save time and enhance operational efficiency by handling both the collection of parcels and mail from premises and the delivery of letters or parcels directly to businesses. 

Australia Post Last Mile Delivery Features

Scheduled Daily Pickup and Delivery Service: Offers a convenient option for collecting letters or parcels from your PO Box and delivering them to your premises, or vice versa.

Flexible, Same-Day Bookings: Provides the ability to book urgent deliveries on the same day before 11am, subject to capacity, ensuring critical shipments are handled promptly.

Carbon Neutral Service: Committed to sustainability, Australia Post offsets emissions through sustainable practices and partnerships, making every delivery carbon neutral.

Wide Coverage: As Australia’s largest delivery network, Australia Post ensures reliable mail and delivery services across the country. This helps businesses focus on growth while it takes care of the logistics.

3. DHL Express

DHL Express prides itself as the global leader in international express shipping, providing fast, reliable door-to-door courier delivery services to and from more than 220 countries and territories. With over half a century of experience and a team of more than 100,000 Certified International Specialists, DHL Express has unparalleled expertise in global shipping. Their service is designed to meet the expedited shipment needs of businesses, offering extraordinary speed and service excellence to ensure shipments arrive on the next possible business day. 

DHL Express Last Mile Delivery Features

Extraordinary Speed: Expedited door-to-door shipment delivery on the next possible business day

Service Excellence: A customer-centric approach offering intelligent and sustainable solutions tailored to specific logistical challenges.

MyDHL+ Platform: An intuitive, web-based shipping solution that simplifies the process of importing, exporting, scheduling pickups, tracking shipments, and paying bills.

On-Demand Delivery for Shippers: A global redelivery platform that reduces failed delivery attempts and enhances the receiver experience with customisable delivery options.

E-commerce Expertise: Insights and support for both B2B and B2C online businesses that aid them to adapt and stay ahead in the global e-commerce market.

4. FedEx Australia

FedEx offers a wide range of shipping and e-commerce fulfillment solutions to businesses around the world. Known for its reliable and timely delivery services, FedEx supports e-commerce businesses by streamlining logistics from online shop to the customer's front door. With its comprehensive international shipping solutions, FedEx enables businesses to focus on growth while handling the complexities of e-commerce logistics, including customs clearance, inventory management, and last-mile delivery. 

FedEx Last Mile Delivery Features:

API Integration: Allows for seamless integration of FedEx services into business systems to provide a smooth shipping process for customers.

Customs Clearance Solutions: Simplifies the customs process to help businesses navigate regulatory compliance with ease.

Real-time Tracking: Offers end-to-end visibility for both businesses and their customers for peace of mind with up-to-the-minute tracking information.

E-commerce Fulfillment Solutions: FedEx facilitates e-commerce businesses with an end-to-end shipping strategy, order fulfillment, inventory management, and shipping logistics.

5. Aramex

Aramex Australia, formerly known as Fastway Couriers, is a key player in the local and national courier market and is recognized for its commitment to delivering superior parcel service. Emphasising cost-effectiveness, reliability, and timely operations, Aramex Australia stands out with its technology solutions that include real-time tracking and tracing capabilities. This makes Aramex Australia an optimal choice for businesses of various sizes looking for efficient logistics solutions.

Aramex Last Mile Delivery Features:

Cost-Effective Solutions: Provides competitive pricing for courier services and makes it an attractive option for businesses looking to manage shipping costs effectively.

Reliable and Timetabled Services: Offers dependable delivery schedules that businesses can rely on for planning their logistics and operations.

Real-time Tracking: Uses the latest technology for real-time tracking and tracing of parcels, ensuring businesses and their customers can stay informed on the whereabouts of their shipments.

Global Network with Local Expertise: As part of the global Aramex network, Aramex Australia benefits from international logistics expertise while retaining a local approach through its franchise model.

6. StarTrack

StarTrack, a business arm of Australia Post, specialises in providing comprehensive freight and logistics solutions across Australia. Known for its commitment to delivering parcels quickly, securely, and reliably, StarTrack caters to the diverse needs of businesses, from small to large. 

StarTrack Last Mile Delivery Features:

Comprehensive Support: Backed by an Australian-based contact center, offers service support in person, online, and through phone support with local freight specialists.

Management Tools: Provides businesses with online tools for efficient management of deliveries, including tracking and scheduling.

Stock Distribution Solutions: Specialises in stock distribution and has available solutions like multi and single-item consignments, scheduled and ad-hoc pickups, and dashboard integration with over 100 eCommerce partners.

Tailgate and 2-Person Lift: Offers specialized delivery services, including tailgate and two-person lift, to handle heavy or bulky items.

Controlled Returns: Manages controlled returns effectively so that the reverse logistics process is smooth for businesses and their customers.

7. TNT Express

TNT Express is renowned for its comprehensive range of domestic and international shipping solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses across Australia and the world. With a strong emphasis on speed and reliability, TNT offers a variety of time and day definite services that make sure documents, packages, and freight reach any location within the country efficiently.

TNT Express Last Mile Delivery Features

Time and Day Definite Services: Offers a selection of express services delivery by 9:00 am, 10:00 am, or 12:00 noon the next business day to and from nominated postcodes Australia-wide.

Overnight Express: A standard overnight delivery service that promises your shipment will arrive by 5 pm the next business day, catering to a wide range of metropolitan, regional, and remote locations across Australia.

Road Express: Offers a cost-effective, day-definite delivery service using road transport for less urgent shipments Australia-wide.

Weekend Options and Dangerous Goods Handling: Provides flexibility with weekend delivery options and the capability to handle dangerous goods, adhering to the Australian Dangerous Goods Code.

8. Toll Group

Starting over a century ago as a transport company, Toll has grown into a significant player in the global logistics and transportation industry, with emphasis on reliable last mile delivery. Toll offers a comprehensive solution for both domestic and international shipping needs, including import and export services, customs clearance, and special goods handling. 

Toll Group Last Mile Delivery Features:

Extensive Carrier Network: Offers shipping services to over 120 countries through a vast carrier network.

Flexible Delivery Options: Provides Standard, Express, and Priority delivery options to meet various delivery lead time, cost, and urgency requirements.

Customs and Compliance Expertise: Navigate complex import and export regulations and customs clearance requirements for quick and efficient shipment processing.

Integrated Tracking System: Offers seamless parcel visibility and end-to-end tracking through integrated systems that enable businesses and customers to monitor the progress of their packages.

9. CouriersPlease

CouriersPlease, a member of the Singapore Post Group of Companies, has established itself as a trusted delivery partner across Australia. Renowned for its dedication to customer satisfaction and innovative delivery solutions, CouriersPlease offers a wide range of domestic and international courier services tailored to meet the evolving needs of businesses and consumers alike. The company's focus on providing flexible and reliable delivery options makes it a preferred choice for e-commerce and retail logistics.

CouriersPlease Last Mile Delivery Features:

Flexible Delivery Options: Provides a variety of delivery choices, including next-day and express services, to cater to different urgency and budget requirements.

Collection Points: Offers convenient parcel collection and return solutions through an extensive network of collection points.

E-commerce Specialisation: Tailored courier and logistics solutions for e-commerce businesses to enable efficient fulfillment and customer satisfaction.

Sustainable Operations: Commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices is part of its long-term strategy for growth and community engagement.

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Now that you’ve learned about the top 9 last mile delivery companies in Australia, it’s evident that each company offers unique strengths to different business needs. For businesses looking to design their logistics operations, choosing the right last mile delivery partner is crucial.

Consumer+ by Couriers & Freight stands out for making last mile delivery seamless and cost-effective. With Consumer+, your business can benefit from dedicated consumer delivery drivers, real-time tracking technology, and cost-efficient solutions to enhance the delivery experience for both you and your customers.

By partnering with Consumer+, you're not just choosing a delivery service; you're selecting a partner committed to your business's growth and success.

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Robert has also incorporated technology into his business through custom software to enhance growth and efficiency. Robert is a valuable resource for business owners looking to improve their logistics operations.

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